TB 61 - Subproject T7: Description

TC 61 - Subproject T7 - Description

TC 61

SFB 476 AMB Generali Informatik Services GmbH

Subproject T7

Service-oriented Architectures and Application Integration

Project Description of the TC 61 subproject T7

In the subproject T7 the results of the former CRC 476 IMPROVE subproject I3, related to model-driven development of wrapper components, are transferred and extended within the area of business applications. We study an approach which yields a prototype to formally specify service descriptions and service compositions. This prototype makes it possible to evaluate and explore service-oriented architecture concepts.

The problems and solutions of a-posteriori integration studied within the CRC 476 IMPROVE also hold true for the area of business process support as IT landscapes of companies are typically characterized by a portfolio of heterogeneous business application systems. One approach to build up an integrated business application architecture is the so-called service-oriented paradigm: a service-oriented architecture defines an architectural style for constructing a heterogeneous application landscape. By abstracting services, business processes are decoupled from the underlying applications.

Based on the idea of service-oriented architectures, the modeling formalism to specify wrappers is extended to model an integrated business application as a loosely coupled set of interacting services. This extension is not only investigated on the conceptual level but also covers the prototype for the corresponding modeling environment and its code generator. This way, a test environment for evaluation and exploration of service-oriented concepts in the context of integrated business applications is built up.

The key aspects of our transfer project are:

  • conceptualization and formalization of service descriptions and service compositions
  • tool support for declarative specifications of concrete services
  • code generation

In this project we cooperate with an industrial partner, namely the AMB Generali Informatik Services GmbH .

Project Data

Duration: July 2006 - December 2007
Financed by German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG)

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