Research: SFB 476 IMPROVE / TB 61


Sonderforschungsbereich (SFB) 476 IMPROVE

Collaborative Research Center 476

Information Technology Support For Collaborative and Distributed Design Processes in Chemical Engineering


Transferbereich 61

Tranfer Center 61

New Concepts and Tools for Chemical Engineering Practice

The SFB started in 1997 and was completed in June 2006.
For a detailed overall description of the SFB 476, please refer to the SFB 476 website.

The Transfer Center 61 continued in July 2006 and was completed in June 2009. Again, for details, refer to TB 61

There were lots of publications within the Colaborative Research Center 476 and the Tranfer Center 61, which you find in the corresponding websites.

For a survey look at

CRC 476 TC 61
M. Nagl / W. Marquardt: Collaborative and Distributed Chemical Engineering - Results of the IMPROVE Project, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4970, 851 pp., Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag (2008). Computer & Chemical Engineering 35 (2011).

Subprojects of the SFB 476 at our department:

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