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Used Libraries

Note that the PROGRES environment is built on top of the following major (foreign) subcomponents:

  • The non-standard database system GRAS from our department which is available as free software (as a single process version only; the internally used multi-client/multi-server realization will be released soon).
  • The ffgraph library which has been developed by Carsten Friedrich at the University of Passau. For further information either mail to the author Carsten Friedrich or visit the ffGraph home page.
  • The Interviews user interface toolkit from the University of Stanford which uses either X11R4/5 or OpenWindows3.
  • The program "hglayout" for layout of hierarchical graphs which was developed at the University of Toronto as part of the Graphite project (cf. /Noik93/ or contact Noik@db.toronto.edu).
  • The user interface tool kit Tk (version 8.0) on top of the script language Tcl (version 8.0) of John Ousterhout (for further information see Tcl and ftp://ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de/pub/tcl/).

Attention: For reasons of convenience all needed libraries and binaries of the above mentioned components are already part of the PROGRES release and need not be installed separately!

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