Please make sure that following software packages are installed, because they are required for developing and using DRAGOS:

Retrieving sources

Because you'd like to participate in the development of DRAGOS or the implementation of extension modules you should checkout the sources from our CVS repository. The first piece every developer should have is the implementation of the DRAGOS kernel. Use the following command to check it out (if you are a registered user replace anonymous by your user name):

cvs -d co dragos-core

Eclipse Support

To import any project into Eclipse you must invoke:

mvn eclipse:eclipse

If its not the project dragos-core you should open the project settings and look under Java Build Path:Libraries if any dragos-* project is referenced which you have already in your Eclipse workspace. If so, you should consider removing the library from this view and referencing it under Java Build Path:Projects. The advantage of this approach is that you have source linking and changes made to the referenced project are directly accessible.

Generating PI Documentation

To generate the API documentation for the DRAGOS Kernel use the following command:

mvn javadoc:javadoc

Afterwards, you will find the API documentation target/javadoc/apidocs.

Sub Projects and Naming conventions

The DRAGOS database management system is divided into a couple of sub projects. Each of these sub projects is responsible for a specific task. The following gives a brief overview on the projects and the naming conventions:

dragos-coreDRAGOS Kernel: Contains the core graph model, generic
services, etc. It is required by every other project.
dragos-system-testsuiteThe test suite which all graph storage implementations
and extension modules must pass.
dragos-db-*Prefix for Database Related Projects
dragos-gm-*Prefix for Specific Graph Models