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The PROGRES Release

Have a look

If you would like to have a short look at the PROGRES system but don't have any Linux system at hand, you can also try this virtual machine. First, get & setup Virtualbox 1.6 (or later), preferably the binary edition. Virtualbox is free of charge for personal, educational and evaluation use. If you do not fall into this category, you have to obtain a proper license first.

Next, get the virtual machine image from our webserver, which is approximately 258MB in size. Note that you need to unpack this file afterwards, e.g. using gunzip or winzip. The resulting file will be about 865MB. If you use a slower or less reliable connection, you may also download the image via Bittorrent: Get our torrent file here. In either case, you can check the file's integrity using this GPG signature and my key. For the trustful ones, the compressed file's md5sum is
cbe2e15e4623e9733305840f8d639803 debian-sarge-progres.vdi.gz

Short Usage note

  • When the system boots up, PROGRES and the PROGRES syntax manual are opened automatically. Remove the Desktop/Autostart directory to disable this behavior.
  • To (re)start PROGRES, open a terminal window and type Progres.
  • To use a shared folder for data exchange, define a share called shared and type sudo mount /mnt/vbox in a VM terminal. This share will be mounted automatically upon next boot.
  • However, do not use shared folders with PROGRES directly, as i/o errors may occur. E.g., do not geneate code into a shared folder. Instead, use VM-local folders and synchronize them with the share.

Getting & installing PROGRES

The PROGRES is release is now available for Solaris 2.x and Linux!
The release package consists of different parts. You will need at least two of them to yield a running configuration (XY denotes the version):

progres-common-XY.tar.gz OS independent parts of the release (e.g. documentation, demo pool, sample specs, scripts, ...)

progres-solaris-XY.tar.gz Solaris binaries (executables and libraries): only available until version 9.9

progres-linux-XY.tar.gz Linux binaries (executables and libraries)

The tar-files of the release contain the following files and directories:

README this file
. a number of examples for window manager configuration files etc.
bin for all executable files (not graph browser)
browser for all graph browser executables etc.
data for all user modifiable data and examples
edgb for all graph browser executables etc.
etc place for additional configuration files
import sources and o-files of external type definitions
lib for (dynamic) libraries (Interviews etc.)
man for information files
prototype templates etc. for prototype generation

Our current official release (9.9) can be downloaded from this ftp site: progres-common-9.9.tar.gz, progres-solaris-9.9.tar.gz, and progres-linux-9.9.tar.gz. The newest release is version 11.1. It can be downloaded here: progres-common-11.3.tar.gz, and progres-linux-11.3.tar.gz. The documentation for this release isn't uptodate. It needs some time.

ATTENTION: Please don't expect a commercial product which is completely free of errors and runs like greased lightning - it's just a research prototype. But we will try to help you as fast as possible in case of any difficulties and to provide bug fixes on a regular basis.

This remark is especially true for the Linux release. We are quite aware of the variety of Linux platforms. While the Solaris release is compiled, linked, and tested on Sun workstations under Solaris 2 and X11R5 we cannot regard all possible Linux configurations concerning the reliability of the release. Therefore, please tell us about any problems that might occur in your environment.

PROGRES runs fine on SuSE Linux 7.1. For any other versions you have to do the following:

Link /usr/lib/libtermcurses.so.2.* to /usr/lib/libtermcap.so.2
and /usr/lib/libg++-libc6.1-2.so.3 to /usr/lib/libg++-libc6.1-1.so.2

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