Progres: Installation

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Installation Procedure

The following instructions create a new directory "progres" with the above mentioned files and subdirectories.

At first you have to install both release parts. First the OS independent part:

       gunzip progres-common-.tar.gz
       tar -pxvf progres-common-.tar

Then the Solaris part:

       gunzip progres-solaris-.tar.gz
       tar -pxvf progres-solaris-.tar

In the case of more than one user of the PROGRES environment at your site please create ONE account or directory containing
all delivered files with read/execute permissions for all PROGRES users.

Every user of the PROGRES environment should use an adapted version of the delivered script .progres.cshrc to initialize required environment variables appropriately (especially the variable $PROGRESROOT, which should point to the root of the progres directory tree at your site).

Furthermore, you have to create a file with needed "trusted host information" for the underlying database system GRAS (which is part of the PROGRES release). You have the following options:

1. All PROGRES processes are running on the same workstation (you may get swap space problems resulting in heap overflow or segmentation fault messages): In that case you have to check whether starting remote shells using the symbolic name "localhost" is possible in your account. Test this using the command

       rsh localhost echo "anything"

which should simply print "anything" on standard output and not an error message! If returning an error message then insert an appropriate line into your $HOME/.rhosts file.

2. All PROGRES users on your site may start PROGRES processes on any workstation out of a set of "trusted" hosts: In that case create an appropriate file ghosts in directory $PROGRESROOT/etc (cf. file $PROGRESROOT/etc/README), which contains the list of per- missible workstations.

3. A PROGRES user has specific preferences where to start PROGRES database system processes (and where not): In that case create an own directory $HOME/progresdata/etc with a private version of the file ghosts.

Test the installation of the database system GRAS by calling first

(starts the central control process of GRAS) and then

Finally, start the PROGRES environment itself by calling the script

For more detailed information please read the document GUIDED_TOUR in $PROGRESROOT/man.

If you have further questions, please consider reading the FAQ.

Do not forget to subscribe to the graph grammar mailing list so that announcements
of new releases are propagated to you!

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