Call for Papers

You can also download the Call for Papers as PDF, gzipped Postscript or plain text.

Submissions: Authors are invited to submit their papers electronically in PostScript format or PDF, following the instructions at

All papers presenting genuine results on any aspect of graph-theoretical concepts in computer science are welcome. Contributions typically, yet not exclusively, stem from the following areas:

Juraj Hromkovic, Manfred Nagl
Informatik, RWTH Aachen, D-52074 Aachen


  • Animations of Graph Algorithms
  • Applications in Software Engineering
  • Artifical Intelligence and Pattern Recognition
  • Computer Architectures
  • Structuring and Using the Web
  • Data Structures and Data Bases
  • Diagram Methods
  • Discrete Optimization, Operations Research, and Approximation Algorithms
  • Graph-based Modeling
  • Graph Drawing and Layout, Graphics
  • Graph Grammars and Graph Rewriting Systems
  • Graph Structures and Problem Hardness
  • Interconnection Networks, Communication Algorithms and Mobile Computing
  • Implementations of Graph-Theoretic Approaches, Graphical Software Products
  • Parallel and Distributive Computing, VLSI Design
  • Parameterized Complexity and Graph Properties
  • Structural Graph Theory