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Related Work

ESPRIT Working Groups and Networks:

  • APPLIGRAPH: Applications of Graph Transformation (Working Group 1997-1999)
  • COMPUGRAPH: Computing by Graph Transformation (Working Group 1992-1996)
  • GETGRATS: General Theory of Graph Transformation Systems (TMR Network 1996-1999)

Graph Transformation Tools:

  • AGG: visual tool environment consisting of editors, interpreter and debugger for attributed graph transformation; attribute computation by Java; supports a hybrid programming style based on graph transformation and Java;
    Technical University of Berlin
  • BIZARR2: three-dimensional film generation tool,
    University of Bremen
  • CollageSystem: collage graph grammar based picture and film generation tool,
    University of Bremen
  • DiaGen: hypergraph-grammar-based diagram editor generator,
    University of Erlangen
  • Fujaba: an UML and Java development platform with the ability to add plug-ins
  • Klotho: biochemical compounds declarative database - uses layered graph grammars as its modeling language,
    Washington University
  • OPTIMIX: compiler optimizer generator - combines DATALOG with graph rewriting,
    University of Karlsruhe
  • SMART: Tree- and Graph-Based Structure Matching and Rewriting Tool,
    GMD First

Research Groups/Projects:

  • IPSEN: Integrated/Incremental Project Support Environment - built with graph grammar engineering technology, University of Technology Aachen (RWTH)
  • SUKITS: Process modelling and a posteriori integration of CIM tools with graph rewriting systems, University of Technology Aachen (RWTH)
  • DYNAMITE: Dynamic Task Nets, University of Technology Aachen (RWTH)
  • ACACIA: knowledge acquisition for explainable, multi-expert systems,
    INRIA Sophia Antopolis
  • AngioTrace Diagrams: modeling distributed systems with graph grammars,
    Carleton University Ottawa
  • Concurrent Models of Computation: concurrent graph rewriting systems and petri nets,
    University of Pisa
  • Specification of Software Systems activities at University (GH) of Essen
  • Visual specification language activities of SEIS group at Leiden University



  • Dorothea Blostein at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario: Editing and recognizing diagrammatic notations for music, mathematics
  • Frank Drewes, University of Bremen
  • Gabriel Valiente Feruglio, Technical University of Catalonia
  • Herbert Göttler, University of Mainz
  • Renate Klempien-Hinrichs, University of Bremen
  • Hans-Joerg Kreowski, University of Bremen
  • Sabine Kuske, University of Bremen
  • Stephane Lapalut at INRIA, France: Reasoning on Conceptual Graphs
  • Ugo Montanari at University of Pisa: Concurrent models of computation, constraint programming, graph rewriting systems
  • Pete J. Rodgers at Birbeck College (University of London): Graph rewriting and visual database language publications (Spider project)
  • Andy Schürr at University of Technology Darmstadt: PROgramming with Graph REwriting Systems (PROGRES)
  • Gabi Taentzer at University of Technology Berlin: Parallel and Distributed Graph Transformation - Formal Description and Application to Communication-Based System
  • Albert Zündorf at University of Kassel - the developer of the PROGRES interpreter and compiler machinery

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