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Available Documentation

Up to now the following documents are available which either describe the PROGRES language or its environment:

  • The complete and (in)formal report for PROGRES language, version 1.1:
    Printed book: /Schürr91b/, see list of references (in German).

  • Informal description of all language extensions/modifications from version 1.1 to current version:
    Postscript-File: man/PROGRES-Nachtrag-95.ps (in German).

  • A guided tour through PROGRES including INSTALLATION guide lines:
    ASCII-Text-File: man/GuidedTour.tex.

  • A guided tour which describes how to generate stand-alone prototypes with tk/tcl based user interfaces:

  • A list of known bugs:
    ASCII-Text-File: man/BUGS.

  • Online help texts for all functions of the PROGRES environment:
    ASCII-Text-Files in directory: data/messages.
    (do not try to read the plain text version but use the PROGRES environment to read these explanations).

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