Subproject B4

Adaptable and Human-Centered Environment for the Administration of Development Processes


Within the collaborative research center IMPROVE (SFB 476), the AHEAD project aims at building a universal administration system for creative technical development processes. \"AHEAD
Aspects of our research work are:
  • the dynamic nature of these processes (e.g. handling of feedback, forward engineering),
  • tool-support for the process modeler, the project manager and the technical developers,
  • integrated modeling of processes, products and resources,
  • coordination of developments including distributed, independent organizational units,
  • process reuse,
  • user-friendly process modeling languages,
  • process evolution apsects,
  • inter-organizational process management.
The AHEAD project has been successfully evaluated for the fourth time by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft on March 16, 2006. On this occasion, we presented our developed concepts, methodologies and tools for process management support including four different demonstration prototypes of the AHEAD system. The demonstrations focused on dedicated aspects of dynamic process management, like our process evolution approach and our inter-organizational process management approach.
Currently, our results are going to be transfered into practice. This subproject is followed up as transfer project T6 within the transfer project area TB 61 and is carried out in close cooperation with our industrial partners AMB Generali Informatik Services, Aachen and innotec GmbH, Bonn.
Our project team at the DFG evaluation event.
From left to right: T. Heer, R. Wörzberger,
M. Heller, G. Volkova, C. Briem, I. Weisemöller

Flyer: Management dynamischer Prozesse - Das AHEAD System (in German) (PDF, ca. 720 Kb)

Project Team

Current Members

  • Markus Heller
  • Galina Volkova (technical staff)
  • Christoph Briem (student)

Former Members

  • Prof. Dr. Bernhard Westfechtel (now at University of Bayreuth)
  • Peter Heimann (former member)
  • Dr. Dirk Jäger (former member)
  • Dr. Arndt Krapp (former member)
  • Dr. Ansgar Schleicher (former member)
  • Tatjana Weinberg (former member of technical staff)
  • Diana Fischer (former member, student)
  • Kathrin Geilmann (former member, student)
  • Ingo Weisemöller (student)
  • Adam Kampa (former member, student)

General overview about SFB 476:

Contribution to:
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(O) Elsevier ScienceDirect PDF Marquardt, W. and Nagl, M.:
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For a complete list of the publications of the AHEAD-project please refer to our combined Publications-Page.

Project Data

Duration: July 1997 - June 2006
Financed by German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG)

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