Dynamic Process Management Based on Existing Systems

TC 61

SFB 476 innotec GmbH AMB Generali Informatik Services GmbH

Subproject T6

Dynamic Process Management Based Upon Existing Systems


The subproject T6 of the Transferbereich 61 follows the former subproject B4 of the SFB 476 IMPROVE. The aim of the project T6 is to transfer research results in the area of dynamic process management, which have been found in the preceding project AHEAD, to practise. New research issues will be addressed, that arise through the implementation of the developed concepts in industrial environments. Especially the a-posteriori realization of dynamic process management systems based on existing systems will be a particular challenge.

For the development of the management system AHEAD an a-priori approach has been followed. The project T6 aims at transferring the research results of the AHEAD project into two different industrial environments. Thereby an a-posteriory approach will be followed. The new functionality will be integrated into existing systems of our industry partners.

Different types of processes can be distinguished. Business processes subsume all processes happening within an enterprise or organization. In a tighter interpretation they are seen as repeatable activity chains triggered by a customer request and leading to a value for him. Development processes deal with the coordination of developers and cooperating development teams. Since development processes consist of many creative steps, they are highly flexible and evolve continuously. In cooperation with AMB Generali Informatik Services GmbH we focus on business processes whereas by the cooperation with innotec GmbH we address development processes.

Together with innotec GmbH, we realize a management system for development processes on top of the CAE-tool Comos PT. This system will allow for the holistic management of activities, products and resources. Beyond the transfer of research results from the AHEAD project, new research topics will be addressed. Among other things this will be the integration of time, cost and resource planning, the progress monitoring of development processes, and the integration of our medium-grained representation of tasks with low-level workflows of the Windows Workflow Foundation.

Furthermore, we extend our application experience by also considering dynamic business processes. In cooperation with AMB-Informatik, we build a workflow management system that allows for dynamic changes of workflows at runtime. This new workflow management system is also built on top of an existing one, which strictly separates build time from runtime.

Project Data

Duration: July 2006 - June 2009
Financed by German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG)

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